Month: August 2017

FEATURE BLOGPOST: What The Health: The Ultimate Rebuttal by Onnit Academy

This week we’re sharing a blog
post on a topic that resonates with us in the realm diet and nutrition. We are firm believers that diet is the most important aspect of healthy running. Without healthy nutrition optimal running for a lifetime is impossible. And because we believe strongly in this relationship among food, running, and health, we were dumbstruck when we saw Netflix’s disastrous documentary – What The Health?, which was released earlier this summer.
Enter, ONNIT ACADEMY, (a comprehensive database of information related to Unconventional Training, a unique new form of fitness methodology that focuses on functional strength, conditioning, and agility using the most efficient means and tools possible. Give them a look!) who posted a rebuttal blog article to the false claims made by What The Health?
After reading it…we couldn’t have said it any better. Enjoy!


When you run on the TRUEFORM do you experience a skyrocketing heart rate? Quickly finding yourself huffing and puffing for more air? and ultimately needing to slow down to a walk or stop moving completely?
You are not alone! This is one of the most common occurrences when people run beyond what we call their ventilatory threshold – and fortunately there is a SIMPLE FIX to remove this life sucking reaction from your attempts at running!
Simple? Yes. Easy? No.
All that needs to be done to remove the SUCK from running on the TRUEFORM (or anywhere else) is to slow down. When we run beyond what we will call the Huff’N’Puff threshold, we begin a run-ending process of fatigue. It is at this threshold (while you are burning some fat as fuel) it is clear that you are burning enough sugar as fuel because of the Huff’N’Puff reaction you are having. This is your body trying to blow off excess carbon dioxide, which is a byproduct of burning sugar as a as fuel. If you cannot blow off enough excess carbon dioxide while continuing to run your body will eventually stop itself. Your legs will begin to feel heavy and unstable. Your brain will struggle to focus. Your self talk will be along the lines of, "I can’t keep going." And if none of that stops you, ultimately your legs won’t be stable enough for you to remain upright, ending in, hopefully, a graceful collapse to the ground.

So simply slowing down to run at a pace that does not make you Huff’N’Puff is the answer? Yes. Slow the %#*$ down. Simple but not easy. Why? Because it requires patience. If you’re a patient person, great! Simple and easy for you!
Regardless of your tolerance for patience – here are the initial steps for
Our Healthy Running Program On The TrueForm
Step 1 – Grab your heart rate monitor or get one as soon as possible. Timex, Polar, and Garmin are some of the more accessible brands of monitors, typically ranging from $40 – $75 dollars for the entry level monitor. Here is Garmin’s
Step 2 – Use the MAF Heart Rate Formula of Dr. Phil Maffetone to find out how many beats per minute your heart should generally pump while running on the TrueForm to avoid the Huff’N’Puff threshold. See below.
180 – (Age) +/- (health factors) = MAF
Health Factors
A. Recovering from major illness, surgery, or taking medications regularly: 180 – (age) – 10 = MAF
B. Exercising with injury, more than 2 colds a year, allergies, asthma, sedentary: 180 – (age) – 5 = MAF
C. Exercising for 2 years four times per week, no injury: 180 – (age) = MAF
D. Competitive athlete training 2 years, no injuries, seeing progress in training: 180 – (age) + 5 = MAF
Step 3 – Set Your TRUEFORM HEALTHY RUNNING baseline. Run at your MAF heart rate for 1, 2, or 3 miles depending on your current health and fitness.
If you were
Group A – MAF use 1 mile (you’ll probably be walking).
Group B – MAF use 2 miles (you’ll probably walk/run).
Group C – MAF use 3 miles.
Group D – MAF use 3 miles.
Record the time that is takes you to complete the distance while staying as close to your MAF heart as possible.
Step 4 – For at LEAST 8 weeks, when you run, run only at your MAF heart rate. Patience. Simple? Yes. Easy? No.
Step 5 – At the end of 8 weeks, retest your TRUEFORM HEALTHY RUNNING baseline.
Step 6 – Celebrate, this is just the beginning of a lifetime of SUCK free running.
Further learning:
Want to host a TRUEFORM HEALTHY RUNNING workshop for your staff or members? Send Inquiries HERE
What is the TRUEFORM? HERE


Tim Paulson – CrossFit Pallas, Ithaca, NY.
1. Well first of all, congratulations on successfully competing at the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games. You placed 20th in the final overall standings. What are a few of the feelings that stand out the most for you from the competition, as well as now, after having time to reflect?
Tim: Honestly, the biggest one is just how incredible competing at the Crossfit Games is. The fans, the atmosphere, and the other athletes you’re with – it’s truly an experience unlike any other. Getting to experience that again in itself is another thing to add to the list of motivations to make it back next year. I also learned so much about myself as an athlete, both mentally and physically. I had a great mental weekend – I started off quite poorly, but kept my head in the right space and was able to fight back to a solid finish. Physically, we have lots to work on for next year.
2. The question everybody in the sports world has been asking…who wins McGregor or Mayweather?
Tim: I’m Irish, and I hope to hell McGregor wins.
3. Perhaps more than any other elite level CrossFit athlete, I see the TrueForm Runner being utilized in your programming. What led you to decide on incorporating its use and do you feel now that it was the right decision for your training?